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A few of these are more for the next kid, but I threw them in anyway.

Couple thoughts:
Make sure to get some shots that you want for you. Forget worrying about peoples opinions. Not everything has to go to the public opinion court of Facebook and family reunions. This may be the last chance for you to mix pregnancy, art and you for awhile; or ever. Your mother never really got any photos while she was pregnant, much less unique ones. Crohn's wasn't exactly on her radar. Make the best of the opportunities you have.

Props are cool, just make sure you don't try to use too many at one time. Sometimes less is more.

Let yourself be my client for a couple hours instead of my daughter. Relax, listen, and connect.

One thing I learned on Lauren's shoot; if you're going to do wraps and sheets, do wraps and sheets. Trying to mix that with an outfit underneath is a total PITA to edit and a hassle to style on the set.

There are no stretch marks, blemishes, or cellulite in photoshop. There is in the mirror. Twenty years from now it will be the idea of your pregnancy that is important, not the real details.

Think about how and what you want printed. Not everything has to be printed, and not all prints have to hang over your couch.

I love B&W, I hate selective color. (Where everything is B&W except for one thing.) I'll do it if you want though. It's a fad who's day has passed.

You can leave comments on the individual images if you have thoughts about them. I didn't select them for the quality of their execution, just the idea or emotion they portrayed.
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