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Here are some examples of my work for Zivity. All of these images are from published sets on my profile, www.zivity.com/users/orchardlight. I'm working for this site because they want beautiful art and pin-up images, not cheap porn.

Zivity is a cross between a traditional pay site and social networking. Subscribers get a number of votes with their monthly subscription, and use those votes to support the sets and models they like. Each vote is worth $1; with the model receiving 60% of that and the site and the photographer splitting the remaining 40%. Checks are sent out quarterly as soon as you have at least $50 payable. Yes, you make 3 times what I do from this. You probably won't get rich here but you can get back some investment. I'll make enough to buy a coke or two.

Networking with the subscribers will increase your sales and build a customer relation with your fans. Send them a note when you have a new set going live, send them a note to thank them for votes, sign up for chats, and have an interesting and positive profile page. It's sales like any other type of commission sales job.

There is an initial model release you will sign with the site that will cover all your submissions to Zivity. At that time you will also need to complete a W-9 for the IRS and have a copy of a government issued photo ID. I have both forms available to fill out at your first shoot, can make a copy of your ID, and can send in all the paper work with your first photo set. You will need an account on the site to approve your images before they can be published. You can either email the site administrator and request a trial membership at [email protected] or I can send you an invite code for a trial membership. Either way after your first set is published your account will change from a trial membership to a free artists account.

Zivity's content guidelines and requirements leave a lot of room for creativity. The set can only feature one model, cannot contain real or fake body fluids, cannot have the hands within three inches of the genitals, and does not require nudity.

I will shoot sets for Zivity similar to a TF shoot. In exchange for your modeling time I will edit and upload at least 8 images for a set on the site. The images sent to the site will also be uploaded to a private gallery for you on my website with full size, watermarked, images. These images are available for you to use for non-commercial and self promotion use online and in print. Images submitted for contests on Zivity will split the winnings 50/50 between us. A typical shoot will last three to four hours and will usually produce three to four sets for the site. While the site does not require nudity, I do expect to shoot nudity or partial nudity in most of the sets. People pay more to see more of you. Shoots will usually take place at my studio in Hockley.

I do allow escorts on set. If you feel an escort would make you more comfortable than please invite someone along. I do request that the escort not be a significant other. I've found they can be more of an unintentional distraction than a help in most cases. Also, since these shoots will involve nudity please make sure your escort is 18 or older.

If you have any other questions just ask. [email protected]
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